St. Gabriel International School


Our Philosophy

We live in a world with virtually no borders, and where technology continually changes the way we live, learn, think and work. St. Gabriel International School  readies young people with the education and skills essential to take on the world. Our interdisciplinary method focuses on academics, multiculturalism, environmental awareness and civic action to fulfill our purpose of producing open-minded and tolerant individuals who contribute to society.


St. Gabriel  International School (SGIS) is the sister school of Manila Xiamen International School (MXIS), an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School based in China. The IB organization authorizes select schools to offer its highly respected programs of international education, which challenges students to excel in studies as well as personal growth. At its core, IB aims to develop internationally minded youth who, in recognizing our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, would help create a better and more peaceful world. SGIS and MXIS engage in exchange programs to deepen cross-cultural experiences. The exchange program gives SGIS students an opportunity to experience IB education.


Engr. Roman T. Go and Dr. Mildred A. Go co-founded St. Gabriel International School in 2000 following their earlier success with Manila Xiamen International School. A native of a small town in Palawan, the girl who would become Dr. Go worked her way through college and postgraduate school in Manila. She was a teacher in Brent International School while she was earning her Ph.D. from the University of the Philippines.

Education won Dr. Go her own success story, and motivated her to be a lifelong educator. SGIS carries on her principle of “education for all”. She believes in teaching and learning with a global perspective, so that by exposing students to the world, they grow to be understanding, open-minded and wide thinkers, which moves them to become good citizens and good people in the community.


Arts and sports make up an integral part of St Gabriel International School’s curriculum. We immerse our students in co-curricular activities to cultivate interpersonal skills, a sense of community and leadership. We encourage more than book learning, promoting the arts to offer students a creative outlet and sports for a healthy way to manage stress.


St. Gabriel International School’s students are members of an extended family. The school celebrates its diversity with children of Filipinos working overseas, returning Filipino families whose children are used to international education, foreign, and local students. St. Gabriel International School is authorized by the Department of Immigration to educate foreign students.  Family culture is instrumental to our purpose of instilling openness and tolerance in the face of different backgrounds, so our children would build a future based on the values we deeply hold.