St. Gabriel International School

Your Partner

We are partners in raising your children.  St. Gabriel International School is a second home; a nurturing environment in which to learn, grow and explore.  It is important in our school to help our students get a head start in life and to secure their future.

*Our students consistently turn out top scores in standardized national examinations.

*Over 90 percent of our graduates are admitted into their university of choice here and abroad.

*With a maximum of 25 students per class, our teachers have room to personalize guidance and attention for every student.

*Older students are entrusted to mentor younger students, helping develop in adolescents a sense of responsibility while ensuring young ones feel a sense of belonging.

*A House System made up of the Eagles and the Sharks encourages collaboration and healthy competition in a family-like atmosphere.

*Our global philosophy in education produces globally competitive individuals who are open-minded and tolerant.

*Exchange programs with sister school Manila Xiamen International School challenges students to take on classes under a world-renowned system of education.

*Our exchange students develop independence and gain cross-cultural experiences.

*Arts and sports programs help students build essential life skills like stress management, resilience, leadership and perseverance.

*We engage with key organizations to promote career awareness, entrepreneurial spirit, environmental consciousness and civic action in our children.